On May 22, Dutch producer Baril will release his debut EP "One More Rush". The release features six dreamy, lo-fi sounding works. It can be seen as a mini-album. Baril previously released “Vocales" on Intercept, and more club- focussed tracks under his real name, Marc Holstege.

"When I started producing music I also started releasing things pretty quickly. That was cool and I don't regret it. However, over the years, my taste in music has changed and I feel that I only recently have found my real sound."

And what a sound he has found. On "One More Rush" he strikes balance between breakbeats, melody, emotion, vocal samples, and soundscapes. This is music to dream away with, to listen to at home, but also to hear on dance-floors. When we can again, of course. A wonderful debut!

Shores of AwarenessMixing, Mastering

Cold SilverMastering

End Of TimeProduction, Mixing



Gold TeethProduction, Mixing

Tsepo - TweeMixing, Mastering

MaertsMixing, Mastering

Picture SeriesProduction, mixing

The Celestial RitualProduction, Mixing

One More RushMastering, Mixing

Time / TrackerMixing, Mastering

Channel TropicoProduction, Mixing

Real Life CinemaProduction, Mixing

Military SimulationsMastering, Mixing

AtraxiaProduction, Mixing

Return Of LifeMastering

Midnight VoyageProduction, Mixing

Pop Shock / Dry MeMixing, Mastering

Just SomewhereMastering

Can't StopVocal Production

Hytune / Quite OKMixing, Mastering

Everlasting MovementProduction, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 2Production, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 1Production, Mixing

Sarah's Private ShowProduction, Mixing, Mastering

Champion, VictorProduction, Mixing

Stand Up StraightProduction, Mixing

Tucan / Rain DanceProduction, Mixing

Atlantis / SaintsProduction, Mixing

HarmonyProduction, Mixing

Non Est DeusMixing