Moving Sound is a production, mixing, and mastering studio based in The Netherlands. Our focus lies on electronic music of the highest quality. This results in a succesfull portfolio and clients that release on the best labels in electronic music.

Our studios are designed for specific applications: One production/recording and mixing room, and one mixing and mastering room, both optimized for the highest audio quality. Our expertise lies in combining the digital domain with the best the analog domain has to offer. We mix with a combination of both worlds, depending on what a project needs.

We work with great source material. If it's not on that level, we look for ways to make the source material better and see what we can do as partners of the project. Sometimes this means we need to go to the root of how a song is produced. By improving the workflow of the artist, we improve the result. From the first stages of production, until the end when mastering is finished, we're there to deliver what we call 'moving sound'.

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