If you’d find yourself wandering around the forests of Breda, a city in the south of The Netherlands, there’s a good chance you would bump in to Ineffekt, an 18-year-old, Utrecht-born DJ and producer. Ineffekt’s first exposition as DJ was in Utrecht, where he gained recognition for his gloomy and trippy sets and soon he began to pick up more gigs around The Netherlands (Basis in Utrecht, Bret, and Radion in Amsterdam and Doornroosje in Nijmegen among others) and developed a broader interest in combining different musical forms, a fascination that never ends for him.

Ineffekt's debut is out on Intercept Records on May 8th. Opener Broken Dreams starts off rough, with a non 4/4 beat and a driving bassline that takes you straight into rave territory. B-side Solaris does the opposite. With its expressive vocal pads and dreamlike melodies, it’s a track that’ll surely bring the listener to a melancholic euphoria. This euphoria is further emphasized in the ‘Empties Our Souls’ version of the track, where the drums are stripped to reveal even more of its ambient backbone.


Shores of AwarenessMixing, Mastering

Cold SilverMastering

End Of TimeProduction, Mixing



Gold TeethProduction, Mixing

Tsepo - TweeMixing, Mastering

MaertsMixing, Mastering

Picture SeriesProduction, mixing

The Celestial RitualProduction, Mixing

One More RushMastering, Mixing

Time / TrackerMixing, Mastering

Channel TropicoProduction, Mixing

Real Life CinemaProduction, Mixing

Military SimulationsMastering, Mixing

AtraxiaProduction, Mixing

Return Of LifeMastering

Midnight VoyageProduction, Mixing

Pop Shock / Dry MeMixing, Mastering

Just SomewhereMastering

Can't StopVocal Production

Hytune / Quite OKMixing, Mastering

Everlasting MovementProduction, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 2Production, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 1Production, Mixing

Sarah's Private ShowProduction, Mixing, Mastering

Champion, VictorProduction, Mixing

Stand Up StraightProduction, Mixing

Tucan / Rain DanceProduction, Mixing

Atlantis / SaintsProduction, Mixing

HarmonyProduction, Mixing

Non Est DeusMixing