Australian / Dutch producer Ozzy (Oscar Jones) is releasing his new EP on Intercept, following up releases on HAAi's "Radical New Theory" label and Barnt's label "Schalen". "Maersk", the name of Ozzy's new EP, features 3 tracks that explore the boundaries of dub, leftfield techno, and breaks. With only the age of 24, his sound is very mature and in our eyes groundbreaking to say the least.

The EP opens with "Aphatoon", a futuristic global bass inspired tune that moves on a slow tempo but doesn't shy away from bringing the heat. The track feels reggaeton inspired, but Ozzy's contrasting melodies bring something fresh to the genre.

"Gaan" is up next, which switches up the tempo and feel of the EP. The breaks and vocal make it sound UK inspired, almost akin to an act like The Prodigy. The combination of an emotional core with a raw, enticing synth is sure to take the emotional kids to the rave.

"Maerts" finishes it off and can be considered a 140+ bpm techno tune. It's an all-round trip meant for the peak of many techno sets. The synthwork moves the track forward in a sort of devilish emotional way, entrancing the listener and bringing them to ecstasy.

We couldn't be more proud to have Ozzy on board, make sure to keep an eye open for more work to come.


Shores of AwarenessMixing, Mastering

Cold SilverMastering

End Of TimeProduction, Mixing



Gold TeethProduction, Mixing

Tsepo - TweeMixing, Mastering

MaertsMixing, Mastering

Picture SeriesProduction, mixing

The Celestial RitualProduction, Mixing

One More RushMastering, Mixing

Time / TrackerMixing, Mastering

Channel TropicoProduction, Mixing

Real Life CinemaProduction, Mixing

Military SimulationsMastering, Mixing

AtraxiaProduction, Mixing

Return Of LifeMastering

Midnight VoyageProduction, Mixing

Pop Shock / Dry MeMixing, Mastering

Just SomewhereMastering

Can't StopVocal Production

Hytune / Quite OKMixing, Mastering

Everlasting MovementProduction, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 2Production, Mixing

Eurabia Vol. 1Production, Mixing

Sarah's Private ShowProduction, Mixing, Mastering

Champion, VictorProduction, Mixing

Stand Up StraightProduction, Mixing

Tucan / Rain DanceProduction, Mixing

Atlantis / SaintsProduction, Mixing

HarmonyProduction, Mixing

Non Est DeusMixing